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Adam Lambert Unleashes Version Of “Believe” So Riveting Brings Cher To Tears

It will probably come as no shock to anyone that Adam Lambert is more than just an American Idol alumni. This famous runner-up has surpassed all the first place prize winners by taking millions of fans and releasing one hit single after another. He’s also collaborated with Queen as their frontman and lead vocalist, and now the derring-do is making a grab for Cher’s very own heart.

At the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors in early December, Adam brought the “Goddess of Pop” to tears with his very special rendition of her hit song, “Believe.” In fact,there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after Adam hit the stage and surprised everyone at the Washington, D.C., ceremony with his beautifully touching spin of Cher’s iconic classic.

Cher first recorded “Believe” in 1998 during a time when grunge and alternative rock tunes were taking over the airwaves. However, the American singer and actress has a long history in the industry, and anything she recorded, no matter what the decade’s dominant music theme, was destined to top the charts.

The “I’ve Got You Babe” actress and songwriter first gained popularity back in the 60’s as part of the folk rock husband and wife duo Sonny & Cher. Nothing has overshadowed her since, except perhaps the big tears she cried during Adam’s amazing tribute to her!

The 80’s were filled with big hair bands that were famous for their now very cheesy sounding rock ballad tunes, but back in the day they sounded pretty cool. Adam managed to bring those ballads from yesteryear back into the mainstream in a very soulful way.

The song and lyrics are instantly recognizable to Cher and her fans, but when Adm first walks out onto the stage, the music starts off slow and doesn’t pick up a techno beat like the pop song we’re all familiar with. Yet, the crowd is totally mesmerized by his sweet, almost lullaby-like version that has everyone believing that his cover is probably one of the best one ever.

When the Queen frontman reached the bridge in the song, cameras panned around the audience, which was filled with celebrities, and finally settled on Cher’s tearful face. But, then he blew the audience away after he belted out a mind-blowing high at the end of the performance!

You won’t “believe” just how emotionally invested both Adam and Cher are during this stunning tribute. It’s truly a gift, not only from one American Idol to another, but for all of us.

Adam totally believes in Cher when he gives the goddess of pop a very soulful gift.


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