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Couple Discovers Home Was Broken Into Only Unusual ‘Intruder’ Leaves Everyone In Stitches

Having a stranger break into your home can be quite a terrifying situation. It is something you would never want to happen to you. Just imagine arriving at your house tired from a day’s work only to find out that one of your windows is broken and someone is definitely still roaming about without your permission. How would you feel?

One couple found themselves in this same scary predicament. Upon arriving at their home, they instantly felt that somebody was inside. Well, actually, the broken window was a sure give-away! What they were not prepared for, though, was to find an “intruder” that was actually pretty funny.

The “intruder” was, in fact, not a burglar or a thief. It was a wild turkey! Who would ever thought that such an animal would go breaking and entering, right? The couple was definitely stunned (maybe a bit relieved as well) when they discovered that it was a turkey that broke into their home and who, by the way, was calmly prancing on their couch when they saw it.

However, since the turkey was a wild one, they were still wary of it and decided to call 911 to help them in managing the situation. They did not want to scare or hurt the bird so they thought of ways on how to lure it out safely as they wait for the cops.

While waiting for the respondents to arrive, they decided to calmly lead it to exiting the house by opening the door. Apparently, the wild turkey was still eyeing the broken window from which it came through as its “ticket” to going outside.

Opening another window did not work either, and the turkey just kept on going back to the couch. It did seem like a cozy couch though, and the wild turkey sure looked like it was enjoying the comfort of it.

After a few minutes of attempting to lead the turkey outside, the cops came and were quick to request if they could snap some photos of the unusual but funny incident. Who wouldn’t, right? It is not every day you would run into someone whose home was broken into by a wild turkey! But, of course they had to help bring the turkey out of their house safely.

Luckily, the cops knew just how to trick the wild turkey and it finally exited the living room. The house was free from trespassers and the “criminal” was safely walking around outside in no time, although its mark was certainly left on the home’s broken window.

What a comical experience – you definitely need to see how the cops got the turkey to fly the coop!


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