A wedding has a way of bringing out laughter and tears for those attending and it all starts in the church. As guests take their seats they anxiously wait for the ceremony to begin. The instant they hear music start to play everyone whips around to see who is making their way down the aisle. That’s when the emotional rollercoaster ride begins – but at this particular wedding it was the tiny flower girl that managed get the most smiles from the crowd.

After the bridesmaids and groomsman make their way down the aisle they’re followed up by an adorable red haired ring bearer and a tiny sweet flower girl. The ring bearer holds onto the flower girls elbow, making sure he doesn’t lose her, and they both make their way down the aisle.

All eyes are on them as the kids look to guests possibly thinking, “Why is everyone staring at me?” Their walk down the aisle is a total success until they reach three last steps right before reaching the pastor. The little boy lets go of the flower girl and continues to walk up, taking his place next to the groomsman but the tiny flower girl has lost her way and can’t manage to get up the stairs.

In hilarious and graceful fashion the young flower struggles to hurdle past the stairs. That’s when a marine steps in and grabs her hand escorting her up the stairs – but it’s the final step that’s a tricky one so the marine just picks her up and carries her over the final one. Everyone laughs as the marine steps back to get back in his spot.

That’s when the flower girl looks up at the pastor for a few seconds before she decides she just can’t take another step and plops right back down. The entire crowd breaks out into laughter at her adorable antics making it a moment no one in the family will soon forget. Watch the adorable sight for yourself in the video below. She is a doll!

Source: YouTube