Losing a loved one is an inevitable part of life Thankfully, there are healthy ways to cope with loss. Some people take time off from their everyday routine to travel or to stay home and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet, while some take the opportunity to catch up with family and friends. Others take up new hobbies, adopt pets, or get more involved with the community. Then there are those who believe that starting over means investing in one’s self more and making small yet significant changes. Seventy-six-year-old Barbara is someone who faces loss with strength and resilience, and the willingness to close one chapter and begin a new one with an open mind.

Barbara’s husband passed away a couple of months before she decided to take the first step towards change and her positive attitude paved the way. She was even able to dance onstage with Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough. It may not have been easy to start picking up the pieces but Barbara managed. She decided to start by getting a makeover.

Barbara’s daughter referred her to Christopher Hopkins, a makeover artist more commonly known as The Makeover Guy. Her good disposition was evident in the way she spoke of her circumstances with no trace of cynicism and how she eagerly expressed her desire to make a change in her hair, makeup, and overall style picks. In this episode, you’ll see Barbara talking, smiling, and laughing. It’s refreshing to see a person handling such a situation with grace.

Makeovers aren’t limited to a particular age bracket and Barbara is proof of how a well-executed one can make a world of difference not just in a person’s physical appearance but in her overall outlook as well. Christopher Hopkins starts by talking her through what he envisions for her new hairstyle: shorter in length, lighter in color, with more volume. Then, Barbara consults with an expert makeup artists who plays up her features with neutral tones and accentuates her eyes with thicker, neatly-shaped brows, thin eyeliner, and eye shadow. Excited, amazed, and more than satisfied with the result, Barbara’s daughter couldn’t help but gush over the final look.

The outcome of the makeover did more than just create a noticeable change in Barbara’s physical appearance.

Barbara’s amazing makeover is proof that moving on is hard but it can be done, and that feeling good on the inside and looking great on the outside go hand in hand.