A second-grader known as “Little John” dazzled the audience with his charisma, and at that point he hadn’t even sang yet. He was dressed his best in a blue button-down shirt and had his guitar was wrapped around him ready to be played at any moment. The chosen song was not an easy one to perform, but he went for it anyway. The audience was ready to see what this little boy was all about, but no one could have been completely prepared for what he was about to do.

He introduced himself and his two songs, and from that very moment it was clear that everyone was in for a special treat. Singing Johnny Cash songs came naturally for his voice that seemed to match that of Cash himself. His talent poured out from the stage with his warm tone and beautiful voice. His abilities go well beyond his years. Just when he captures everyone with his voice, then he does something surprising. What could have turned the performance like this – it was totally unexpected.

It turns out that Little John had something up his sleeve the whole time, it was just a matter of getting to the right moment to blow everyone away. It took him about half way through the song, then he amps up the performance to a whole new level. Watch the way he pulls in the crowd with his extremely impressive talent in the video below.