Amusement parks are mostly the territory of young children. They’re the main audience of theme parks, mostly because they’re the ones who dream of magical adventures and meeting movie characters. But they’re not the only ones who can find magic in theme parks.

One fateful day, a father became a singing sensation after an unexpected encounter. And it was all thanks to his daughter, who encouraged her father to lend his voice for a short while. In that brief moment, though, her father experienced something he never thought would happen in his life.

Disney World is, perhaps, the most popular theme park in the entire country, if not the entire world. Families love to go here with their little children, eating ice cream and trying rides. One family from North Stonington was enjoying a wonderful day when they passed by the pianist at the Grand Floridian after lunch.

Justin Gigliello and his six-year-old daughter, Lyla, passed by the pianist, and the little girl suddenly had an idea. After the pianist finished his song, Lyla said that her daddy knew how to play the piano, too.

Justin shyly waved it off, saying he was into singing more. He is, after all, a vocal coach and music teacher. He thought that was that, but his daughter had other ideas. She managed to rope in the Grand Floridian pianist and encouraged her father to sing.

Eventually, Justin relented and sang “Ave Maria.” For Justin, it was an unforgettable experience. Many people passing by stopped to watch. Others took out their phones and recorded a video of him! Justin couldn’t believe it. He and his family used to go over to the Grand Floridian to listen to music when he was younger but he never imagined he would be the one singing under the spotlight!

Lyla was so proud of her father. She told the local press:

“He sang it out loud and almost everyone took a video of him.”

At the end of Justin’s performance, there was a round of applause. His wife, Lauren, had also taken a video of him. They posted the video of his performance on Facebook, which was later flooded by thousands of views, likes, and comments.

Justin never even imagined that other people’s videos of his performance would be uploaded and shared on other social media sites. Aside from teaching voice and piano lessons, Justin was a volunteer firefighter, and he never expected this kind of fame.

He said to a local publication:

“It’s beyond what I ever could have dreamed.”

Well, Disney World isn’t just a place for kids. It’s for adults who want magic and adventure, too!