Enormous humpback whale leaps right out of the sea right behind a fishing boat

Humpback whales are gigantic creatures, roughly the size of a school bus. They’re present throughout the world’s oceans and love breaching the surface of the water to do amazing acrobatic feats.

In one recent case, a humpback whale gave one fisherman the fright of his life while leaping out of the water just a few feet behind his small fishing boat!

The video of the amazing event – in which no humans nor whales were harmed – begins with a calm moment out on the ocean.

The fishing boat is rocking peacefully on the water, with the captain blissfully unaware of what’s about to take place.

But then the waters start to move and the fisherman senses something big is about to happen as he turns around.

The video footage was taken in Monterey Bay, California – a popular whale-watching spot – by whale watchers Douglas Croft and Kate Cummings.

Even though the bay is known as a spot for whales, no one expects to get quite this close to one – especially on such a small vessel.

Here is the whale breaching the surface as the fisherman begins to turn:

The little boat, named Baja Sueno, is quickly dwarfed by the size of the whale as it just keeps coming up!

By now, we can only imagine what’s going through the fisherman’s head!

As the whale begins to flip, you can see it’s already twice as tall as the boat without even getting its full body out of the water.

The footage is amazing to watch – and you can find it below – but we’re glad it wasn’t us in that boat at the moment.

While seeing a humpback up close would be a dream come true for many, it’s better if you expect it (and maybe have a bigger boat).

Of course, humpbacks aren’t out to harm humans and the big beast is merely coming up for some air before crashing back down again, away from the boat.

As you might imagine, the fisherman is in for quite a splash!

But after bracing for the resulting waves, it’s clear that he’s safe, though his heart is no doubt racing!

According to Unilad, Croft, the photographer, reported that there were hundreds of boats in the bay and this whale had been having a bit of fun prior to his very close encounter. This gave Croft a chance to go below deck to get the perfect shot (though he didn’t realize how close the breach would be to the boat).

“That the breach was directly behind the fishing boat really shows the size. Since the boat is closer, it should look bigger, but the whale is huge! If I’d been the fisherman, I’d probably need some new underwear.”

Cummings, who shot the video, said once a whale breaches, they tend to do it multiple times, building more momentum with each leap.

“I figured the next breach would be around the fisherman because the whale was heading that way and sure enough! Though I didn’t expect the whale and the boat to line up so perfectly.”

We’re just relieved everyone is ok and we certainly wouldn’t blame the fisherman if he docked immediately and headed off to have a stiff drink or a good hug!

Be sure to scroll down and watch the amazing footage.

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Source: Caters Clips via YouTube

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